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2 Weeks, 2 competitions…

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Well, it may not be the Iron Man stretch that Rob from 2 Worthless Nuts had with 8 Competitions in 8 weeks but it was tiring… and worth it.  So lets start back last weekend at Jeffersonville , In. I arrived early evening on Thursday and was set up down on the river bank… AGAIN… oh well, after getting camp set up i ventured up the hill to visit some friends, ended up spending most of the evening talking with Moonswiners, Hot Racks and BBQ Stacks, Perry Brothers, Burbon Barrel and 2 Worthless Nuts. Friday Lisa’s parents, Sister, and Brother-in-law arrived to set up their camp for the backyard event. Before the cooks meeting Lisa and I went to a restaurant called Cluckers that served hotwings and such.  After cooks meeting it was time for Lisa to get everything ready for the Dessert turn in, She made Strawberry Mousse Shooters with a double fudge brownie and chocolate covered strawberries. Fast forward through the night complete with thunder storms and weather to the morning. Saturday morning Shane Draper from drove 3.5 hours up to meet and hang out during turn ins. He also hooked me up with some of his sauce and rub to try out. Now time for awards.  We weren’t really expecting much but it started out good with  Pop’s Belly BBQ  taking GC of the backyard division, then Lisa hit it big with a 1st place dessert win. Then I got to…. sit in my chair and not get any calls… that is until Brisket (not my best category) and ended up tieing for 2nd but losing a tie breaker to get 3rd in brisket! I think we ended up 14th overall which is 10 spots better than last year.


On to this past weekend in Franklin, In… nice to be back in Franklin after spending my college days there soaking up … well never mind what i did in college. I arrived late on Friday afternoon and after a grueling 20 minute drive I was ready for a nap, but this was no time to nap, shortly after I arrived fellow BBQ nut and co-cook for a weekend Kempis arrived and we set up camp and then attended the cooks meeting. For a 1st year competition they seemed to have everything covered.  After the cooks meeting I returned to camp and met up with Lisa and my Mom and we ate dinner at the Willard.  After dinner we made our rounds and visited with Buttrubbers BBQ, Bronze Star BBQ, Yellow River BBQ, Here for the Beer BBQ, and  Porky from Porky’s House of BBQ.  It was time to get down to business started to trim the brisket and my fillet knife slipped and sliced my ring finger open… I probably should have got a couple stitches… but this is BBQ BABY! I taped it up, double gloved it, and got back to work.  I got everything trimmed and ready for the 4am wake up call.

Once the meat hit the heat, we were able to eat biscuits and gravy along with some coffee provided by the organizer, this was awesome because i was hungry… Turn ins went ok, well except for ribs, but we wont talk about it. I wasn’t too happy with my turn ins except for brisket, i thought brisket was better than last weekend at Jeffersonville.

At awards Lisa started it off with a 7th place Dessert call ( we then found out it was open to everyone not just comp cooks), Kempis took a 2nd place anything butt call with his smoked beans, I ended up with a 2nd place chicken, 1st place pork, 19th place ribs, and a 9th place brisket for a 5th place overall finish (my best since Liberty last year with a 7th overall) Overall i was pretty happy and not looking forward to the 4 weeks in between competitions now… oh well i guess its practice time…Next stop, New Palestine…

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Big JT wins chicken in Westmont,Ill

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Thanks to my sponsor we were able to head up to Westmont,Ill to be a part of the Red, White, and  BBQ event over Memorial Day Weekend. We arrived Friday evening and dropped off the trailer then headed to the hotel for the night. Saturday morning we ate some breakfast at the hotel and then headed back to the contest site to get everything set up for meat inspections later in the morning.  Lisa volunteered to cook in the Amature Rib cook off since her dad (Pop’s Belly BBQ) was unable to make the trip up.  Lisa is the dessert queen of the team and has never cooked a rack of ribs in her life, but she jumped right in there and prepped her ribs, I gave her my temp and rib time line, but she chose her rub and sauce combo. Everything went well until it was time to slice the ribs for presentation boxes, the bones were pretty curved, but she managed to get 6 ribs in the box and turned in on time.

Lisa with her 9th place Rib award

After the cooks meeting they had the Amature awards at the stage, we really weren’t expecting much but she managed to get 9th place out of 40 teams.
The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, I managed to catch about 6 hours of sleep before lighting the fire and starting the cook.
We dealt with some sporadic rain throughout the morning but that is to be expected at a BBQ competition.  Right before chicken turn in I see about 60 CBJ’s runing out of the judging tent, apparently there was some bad weather on the way and they were evacuating the park . Well, needless to say there was no way any of us Cooks were leaving the area. They finally announced that judging was going to be delayed about 2 hours, so back into the cambros everything went… except I didnt have my cambro, so I turned the CTO down to 160* and laoaded it back up with all my meats to hold for the next two hours. The first storm passes with nothing to speak of and at this point we would be finishing up turn ins as it was around 1:15 and brisket would be up next. The second storm comes though and has some heavy rain with it but nothing else to speak of. 
Once everything was all clear we were told that chicken will be judged at 2:00 PM then every half hour after that for the other catagories. 
I had the most faith in Chicken and Brisket for the day, after boxing chicken I knew it had good taste but wasn’t sure with tenderness due to sitting an extra 2 hours. Ribs and pork I knew both were bad, ribs were still tougher than i wanted and pork was dry and over cooked. Brisket was pretty good, tenderness was there but taste was lacking a bit, but we turned in our best effort and just had to hope for the best.
After turn in’s were completed we started breaking down camp and our friends from Bonehead BBQ showed up just in time to help break down and hang out before awards. At awards we weren’t expecting much of anything, Lisa ended up 7th in dessert I finally was able to break through the chicken barrier and placed 1st beating out Quau and some other reall good teams. That would be the only call of the day as we finished 14th in brisket , 56th in pork, and 54th or so in ribs. All in all it was a good competition and we are looking forward to returning next year!

1st place Chicken


New goodies in the mail today

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Got some new goodies in the mail today, cant wait to give them a whirl with the practice chicken I have on right now… More pics to follow!