Liberty,In BBQ results and other things

Well, about 2 weeks ago we competed at the Liberty, In Smokin’ on the Water competition. This was our third year there and they had definitely added some improved electric and water utilities for all the teams. 31 teams showed up to battle it out. Since we didn’t have our new offset cooker yet, we decided to run the Ole Hickory CTO even though I had retired it to vending and catering only.  We arrived mid afternoon after a few stops and started to set everything up and socialize with the neighbors.  We had Jeff and Shelly from Yellow River BBQ, Rich from Bonehead BBQ and a new team WeQ4U on the other side. We couldn’t have asked for any better neighbors.

The overall results of Liberty weren’t that great, on the bright side we got a 6th place call in ribs and the DBQ Smokin Sauce took 4th / 20 teams. Chicken gave us fits as it wasn’t up to the temp we like for turn in but it wasn’t undercooked, well the legs were. We ended up with a 18th place finish. We had an issue with the CTO, some of the internal wiring that controls the draft fans had actually broke and we had to do emergency smoker surgery by Droid Flashlight app at about 0345 in the morning, which put us behind our schedule. We all thought pork was good, and even brisket was good but not good enough as we finished 17th and 20th respectively in those categories’.  Lady’s Grilled Banana Pudding finished 3rd in the anything but category, the winner turned in Brisket something or other… Not sure what it was.

I want to take this time and congratulate Marc and Matt from Velvet Smoke on the Grand Champion at Liberty, I hope there are many more for those guys. They say the first one is the hardest one to get. We also want to say good luck to the few teams we know are down at Memphis in May. DBQ is down there cooking the Whole Hog category, that’s a tough one, not a lot of Party teams cook whole hog… As one of my BBQ Mentors says “Better have your big girl panties on”

Memorial Day weekend we are taking a trip down south to Burleson, Tx to pick up the new Jambo Pit. I think we are going to make a pit stop and eat at one of the newest BBQ restaurants in the Memphis area… Memphis BBQ Company. It’s going to be a long trip down there but it will be worth it to pick up the new pit. Once we pick up the pit we have one week, well actually less than one week to try and figure it out before we head up to Fair Oaks, In for the Milk Cow Music Festival and compete for $15,000 in prize money.

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